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Çok kısa geçiyorum. Vodafone CASA , Vodafone Portekiz tarafından yeni nesil dijital TV hizmeti..  Bu hizmeti satın alan bir business insanına işine giderken asonsor içerisine  de boyle bir süpriz hazırlıyorlar… Saygılarımla.. (bugün yoruldum niyeyse)

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Vodafone CASA Hakkında:

Vodafone Portugal launches home digital television service

17 July 2009

Lisbon, 17 July 2009 – Vodafone Portugal today launches its Digital TV service, expanding its offer of services for the home.

Vodafone Casa TVKnown as Vodafone Casa TV, this new digital TV service in Portugal is part of the Vodafone Casa offer and already boasts over 100 television channels, including all the most popular channels and favourite premium channels in Portugal.

With 8 High Definition channels already available (including Sport TV HD, Eurosport HD, National Geographic HD and Disney Cinemagic HD), Vodafone Casa TV features the main national channels (all RTP and SIC channels, TVI and Porto Canal), the top children’s channels (Panda, Disney Channel, Disney Cinemagic, BabyTV, TiJi, Boomerang and Cartoon Network), various music channels (MTV, VH1, MCM and Mezzo, among others) and the top film and series channels (TV Cine, Hollywood, MGM, AXN, Fox, Fox Crime and Sony TV). Vodafone Casa TV also offers the complete range of sports channels including Eurosport and Sport TV, as well as the Fuel and Motors channels, several documentary channels (such as National Geographic, Travel, Odisseia and History), news channels (CNN, BBC World and TVE24) and a series of other channels such as Globo, Fashion TV and RAI.

Vodafone Casa TV has all the latest television features such as High Definition image (HD) and sound (Dolby Surround ®), Digital Recorder (with 280 hours’ capacity and automatic recording of entire series), TV Guide, Pause TV and Videoclub with hundreds of films from the leading studios and independent producers, including box office hits and films in High Definition (HD).

The service also has features that are unique in Portugal, such as: the possibility of recording programmes on any TV Box at no extra cost; the ‘Passou na TV’ (‘Catch Up’) option to watch or see again some of the programmes of the past few days; and the innovative ‘Photos and Music’ service, allowing photos and music stored on networked PCs in the home to be viewed and listened to on television.

Within the next few weeks, full access to the TV Box will be possible from mobile phones and computers, so creating genuine convergence between the customer’s various devices. Among the various features that will be available on mobile phones and PCs will be the possibility of remotely viewing the TV Guide, receiving programme alerts, scheduling recordings and advance purchase of Videoclub films for viewing at the time of the customer’s choice.

With its user interface and remote control specially designed for Vodafone, Vodafone Casa TV is introducing a new television concept into the market centred on simpler, intuitive and integrated use of all the features of television and video services.

At present, the Vodafone Casa TV service is available exclusively to Vodafone Casa ADSL customers. Associated with the launch is a promotion enabling these customers, without any subscription charge, to make free, unlimited use of the Vodafone Casa TV basic service until the end of the year. From September, the Vodafone Casa TV service will be available generally.

The launch of the Vodafone Casa TV service is part of the broadening of the company’s strategy to new business areas in the telecommunications market. With this new TV offer, Vodafone is taking an important step towards becoming a global communications operator capable of responding to its customers’ growing communication needs.

For further information, please contact Vodafone Portugal’s Corporate Communications, Governance Support and Social Responsibility Department on +351.210.915.219 (phone), +351.210.915.480 (fax) or by e-mail atpress.pt@vodafone.com.

Source: http://www.vodafone.com/start/media_relations/news/local_press_releases/portugal/portugal_press_release/vodafone_portugal18.html


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