Vodafone Australia Unlimited Experience

Vodafone Avustralya’nın “Sınırsız Deneyim” kampanyasını kazanan Stephen Lum, 24 saat boyunca inanılmaz bir deneyim yaşama fırsatı buldu.  Güzel bir yat partisinden tutun da  sınırsız kredi kartlı alışveriş buna dahil. Rüya gibi bir günü Vodafone’ a borçlu olan Steve’ in aynı gününü biz Vodafone Türkiye olarak da deneyimlemek isteriz 🙂 Ajansına duyurulur.

Tongue wraps up Vodafone’s Unlimited campaign

Today marks the final day of Vodafone’s ‘Take it to Unlimited – with the 24 Hour Experience’ campaign via Tongue, Sydney, that offered one lucky Australian the chance to win a 24 hour shopping spree with Vodafone’s credit card, on the assumption that no assets are accrued along the way.  Stephen Lum from Albury, NSW has spent the last 24 hours having the time of his life with 3 friends; catching a private jet to Sydney, socialising with Jennifer Hawkins on the Harbour, driving around in Ferraris and Bentleys, hiring Bill Granger as their private chef and finishing off with a surfing lesson with Layne Beachley.
The promotion celebrates Vodafone’s new suite of contract caps which start at $29 a month and offer unlimited ‘Vodafone to Vodafone’ standard national voice calls all day, every day.   The campaign amplifies the idea of ‘no limits’ by offering the winner the chance to see how limitless their life could be with a Vodafone 24 Hour Unlimited credit card.

To support the idea, Ikon Communications and Tongue devised an aggressive above the line radio partnership with Nova stations nationally calling for entrants to head to a Vodafone branded Facebook page and complete a short 25 word submission outlining what they would do if they won the experience


Frank PR launched and maintained the campaign in both traditional and social media securing media partnerships with mass mainstream outlets such as Channel Nine’s A Current Affair, a national partnership with News Limited titles and social media consisting of a VIP blogger outreach program with the likes of Blunty. In addition, Frank PR developed a range of creative stunts to generate Talkability for the promotion in different states.  In Adelaide and Perth an oversized credit card was placed in the alligator enclosure and shark tank respectively to ensure it was well protected in the lead up to the promotion starting.

The joint efforts drove four thousand entries to the promotion increasing, Vodafone’s Facebook following from under 7000 to over 21,000.  The competition was open even to non-Vodafone customers, with the call for entries opening on 17th March and closing on 6 April. The winner was announced on 12 April 2010.

Stephen, the competition winner, was accompanied by a film crew and navigator, whilst a pinhole spy camera was attached to him so that content could be captured from his point of view. Throughout the day, Stephen checked into Nova to share with them the action of the day so far and discuss their next plan.  A content wrap up of the day will be cut for broadcast partners currently interested in the idea.

Says Tongue managing partner, John Du Vernet: “As soon as you mention the idea everyone starts talking about what they would get up to. Some predictably glamorous, some surprisingly thoughtful and some downright weird! What we seek to do at Tongue is create these talking points around our ideas to make sure they have life in our communications. Vodafone share the same belief that ideas need to have this social centre that in turn creates overall campaign momentum.”

Frank PR Managing Director, Myfanwy McGregor said: “The theme of the campaign opened up natural Talkability around what you’d spend the money on, given the chance.  Despite the engaging content, securing editorial for a promotion is never easy, so we devised a range of creative tactics tailored to state based media to provide them with content that would resonate with their market.”

Says Brett Dawson, Head of Strategy, Ikon C2: “This was a very important component of an integrated campaign designed to give the over used category word ‘unlimited’ meaning and believeability. Seeding the idea through social networking influencers and radio talent endorsement added to the credibility.”


Creative credits
Idea and Creative execution: Jonathan Pease and Lyndon Hale, Tongue
Digital Strategy: Ben Taylor, Tongue
Digital Media: Serina Ballauf, Tongue
Media: Nick Reggars and Theo Zisoglou, Ikon
Content: James Mellowes, The Content Kitchen
PR: Myf McGregor, Mike Maurice and Stuart Terry, Frank PR
Vodafone: Shawn Marsh and Jane McDermott


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